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This is a small blog where I post about stuff, usually things about digital fabrication using cnc, 3Dprinting or electronics. I’m currently studying electrical engineering in Umeå, sweden.

I started this blog when i started building my first cnc mill(El compadre), using printed parts and a dremel like tool. Since i have upgraded to a new design using vslot from openbuilds that i call El amigo.

Being a maker and buiding my own machines and reading alot about reprap and homebrew cncs my machines are always sort of in a state of perpetual modifications which get documented here for anyone interested. Since I mostly write about my own designs and hacks you can just ask if you are interested in one just drop a comment and i’ll post the files somewhere! It’s pretty much all in the spirit of open source/open hardware, but sometimes i might write about something else! 😉

Also, being from Sweden I’m currently  writing in Swedish, mostly because it’s just that slight bit easier and it’ll probably keep me more keen writing about stuff. I would recommend google translate or post a comment if you are wondering about anything!

You should probably make a comment anyways if you feel like it, in any language you like!

Cheers! / Petter



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